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Privacy Policy of Markets.Capital by Magton GmbH

Published on: Sep 15, 2023


Magton GmbH, headquartered in Frankfurt, Germany (“we”, “our”, or “us”), values and respects the confidentiality and privacy of individuals who use the Markets.Capital mobile application (“you” or “users”). This Privacy Policy sets out a detailed account of the manner in which your personal data is processed and safeguarded.

Communication Channels

For any inquiries, clarifications, or concerns regarding this Privacy Policy or our data practices:

Nature of Collected Data

In our pursuit to deliver a tailored experience on the Markets.Capital app, we gather the following categories of data:

  • Voluntary submission of names during user account initiation.
  • Email addresses, if willingly provided by the user.
  • Device-centric details to ensure optimal application performance.

Intent Behind Data Processing

Your data serves multiple operational objectives:

  • Customizing the interface and content to match individual user preferences.
  • Administering efficient and responsive customer support.

Principles Governing Data Sharing

We exercise utmost discretion when transmitting personal data, only involving trusted third-party entities under strict protocols:

  • MixPanel: Empowered to access select analytics data to refine user interactions.
  • Sentry: Employs sophisticated logging mechanisms ensuring uninterrupted application performance.
  • Google Analytics: Utilized to collect and evaluate user behavior data to enhance the app experience. This includes metrics related to app usage, frequency, and interaction patterns. However, this data is aggregated and does not identify users individually.
  • Apple, Facebook, Instagram: These entities are exclusively privy to non-personal analytics data, facilitating precise advertising strategies.

It’s pivotal to note that personally identifiable facets, like user names, remain confined and undisclosed.

Mechanisms for Data Tracking and Retention

Our application harnesses specific tracking solutions:

  • Technologies like LocalStorage, Session Storage, and AsyncStorage are deployed to memorize app preferences, ensuring a seamless user journey.

Rigorous Data Security Protocols

Your data’s sanctity is a matter of paramount importance:

  • Industry-leading encryption methodologies are in place.
  • Implementation of two-factor authentication during optional account creation, amplifying security.
  • Unwavering commitment to global gold standards in data protection.
  • All digital data is securely ensconced in our Frankfurt-based servers, manifesting top-tier security paradigms.

Directives on Data Retention

While the relevance of data dictates its retention span, Magton GmbH regularly scrutinizes the utility of stored data. Superfluous, outdated, or non-essential data undergoes systematic purging.

Users’ Statutory Rights

Aligning with GDPR stipulations and related global privacy edicts:

  • Access: Users can introspect their data via the embedded settings module.
  • Correction: Any discrepancies in data can be rectified through user-centric control panels.
  • Deletion: A built-in mechanism facilitates comprehensive data deletion upon user command.

Magton GmbH remains steadfast in upholding these rights, endorsing clear and unambiguous processes.

Policies of Affiliated Third Parties

While Magton GmbH epitomizes best-in-class data protection, our partnered third-party platforms might navigate different operational ethos. A prudent approach would involve users acquainting themselves with such distinct policies.

Contingencies: Mergers, Acquisitions, or Organizational Overhauls

In the unforeseeable event of Magton GmbH undergoing corporate metamorphoses, be it mergers, acquisitions, or restructuring, users will receive pertinent communication. Data management principles elucidated herein will remain sacrosanct.

Limitations on Content Liability and AI Involvement

Though precision remains our aim, Magton GmbH leverages AI and third-party algorithms for content curation. As such, we expressly disavow liability stemming from inadvertent inaccuracies or discrepancies. Users are implored to exercise discernment and undertake independent validations when deemed necessary.

Evolutions in the Privacy Policy Framework

Technological evolutions or regulatory mandates might predicate alterations to this policy. Users are thus exhorted to intermittently peruse this document for updates.

Third-Party Copyright Acknowledgment

All third-party logos, graphics, or images featured within the Markets.Capital application are the exclusive property of their respective owners and are used under permissions granted to Magton GmbH. Any unauthorized reproduction or distribution is strictly prohibited.

Ratification through Engagement

Users’ engagement with Markets.Capital implicitly conveys their concurrence with the tenets laid out in this Privacy Policy.

Geo-blocking and Non-Discrimination

Magton GmbH remains committed to upholding the essence of the Geo-blocking Regulation (EU) 2018/302. This regulation enshrines the principle that customers from within the European Union should not face unjustified geo-blocking or any other form of discrimination based on nationality, place of residence, or place of establishment.

What this implies for our users:

  • Accessibility: All users within the European Union should expect consistent access to our Markets.Capital app, irrespective of their nationality or geographical location, unless justified by legal regulations.
  • Pricing and Payment: Users will not be subject to different prices, sales conditions, or payment methods based solely on their nationality or place of residence, unless such distinctions can be duly justified.
  • General Treatment: All users can anticipate equitable treatment when engaging with our app, irrespective of their EU member state of origin.

However, it’s worth noting that while we strive to ensure uniformity of experience, there might be variations compelled by localized legal mandates, tax considerations, or other regulatory imperatives. Such variations, whenever they arise, would be in complete adherence to the provisions and spirit of the Geo-blocking Regulation.

We exhort our user base to reach out to us with any concerns or queries relating to this aspect, ensuring transparency and clarity of understanding.